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Storm Damage

At Elite Contracting and Consulting, we help homeowners and business owners alike with storm, hail, and water damage restoration.

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Your Trusted Damage Repair Experts in Illinois and St. Louis

Has your home or business sustained damage? Elite Contracting & Consulting is here to help. We provide reliable and trusted damage repair and restoration roofing services to the following areas:

  • Southern Illinois
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Surrounding regions

Storm Damage Restoration Process

When storms damage your home or business, Elite Contracting & Consulting can help you with the recovery process. Our roof installers will restore your home or commercial property to its former state using our three-step system:

Our first step is to remove any and all water from your home and clean the damaged property thoroughly.

For our second step, we bring in our structural drying services to ensure no damage occurs down the line.

Our third and final step is to have our licensed and insured general contractors complete full repair and restoration services on your home or commercial property.

Contractors Inspecting Water Damage
Rain Water Dripping off a Gutter

Water Damage Services

Winter storms and flooding can lead to water damage in your home or business. This can be costly and frustrating to deal with on your own. That’s why Elite Contracting & Consulting makes the process as simple and direct as possible for you.

Our team of roofers has over 24 years of experience with water damage restoration, so we have the skills and expertise necessary to handle your commercial or home roof repair. In addition to providing water extraction and cleanup, we also offer comprehensive reconstruction and roof replacement services.

The following can be common sources of water damage:

Leaking pipes and faucets can cause water to slowly build up within your walls, in your ceiling or on your floors. If these leaks go unchecked, even a small drip can cause mold to grow or eat away at the wood, resulting in significant damage to your home or business.

Poorly ventilated areas in your home or business, such as crawl spaces and basements, can result in moisture accumulating and mold growing. This mold can gradually deteriorate the structure of your building, including walls, floors and beams.

Storms and heavy rainfall can lead to sudden water buildup and flood your basement or other areas of your home or business. To prevent as much damage as possible, cleaning and drying the flooded areas as soon as possible is essential.

Navigating Insurance Claims

We know how confusing the insurance claim process for damage to your roof can be. Elite Contracting & Consulting can help you with the insurance claims for any storm or water damage. We will help walk you through the process to guarantee you get proper compensation.

The first step is to schedule a roof inspection to assess the damage. Completing this step before you contact your insurance company will ensure you are prepared to discuss the situation with your insurance agent.

Storm Damage Insurance Claim

A thorough inspection will check the following areas:

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Rook Tile Seam


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Contractor Inspecting a Roof

Gutters, vents and windows

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Contractor Inspecting Storm Damage

Attic and ceilings

A thorough inspection will check the following areas:

If the inspection finds significant damage to your home or business, then you should contact your insurance company immediately to file a claim. Documenting any visible signs of storm or water damage with notes and photos can help you make sure you get proper compensation. Many insurance companies will send their own assessor or inspector to evaluate the damage as well. After your claim has been approved and filed, you can hire trusted roof repair contractors to begin the restoration process.

Elite Contracting & Consulting offers free inspections. We know how to safely look for roof damage, and we can even review your insurance claim summary to make sure your adjustor did not miss anything we found in our inspection.

Why Choose Elite Contracting & Consulting?

We hold ourselves to a higher standard at Elite Contracting & Consulting. We provide our customers with professional, knowledgeable service and the highest quality products. Our fully insured and licensed contractors perform 24/7 emergency repair services, and we guarantee our labor for 5-8 years.

Elite Contracting & Consulting has the following certifications and roofing specialities:

  • A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • CertainTeed Certified
  • GAF Certified
  • TPO Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • PVC Commercial Roofing
  • Firestone TPO Roofing
  • GacoRoof Coatings

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